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Program Abbreviation in the Website
Road Home - Homeowners Assistance Program HAP
Commonly referred to as The Road Home Program, this program helps Louisiana residents affected by Hurricane Katrina or Rita get back into their homes or relocate by providing compensation for their damages. Additionally, the program provides up to $30,000 to assist with elevation expenses and up to $7500 for individual mitigation measures such as storm windows, shutters and the elevation of air conditioning units. The maximum assistance an applicant may receive under the Road Home is $150,000. At over $9 billion dollars going directly to homeowners, this is the single largest housing recovery program in our nation's history. For more information, go to
Small Rental Program SRPP
The Small Rental Property program seeks to rebuild one- to four-unit rental properties and address the rental housing needs the most heavily damaged areas. The Rental program provides financial incentives in the form of forgivable loans to property owners to help restore their damaged units. In return, the landlord agrees to offer them at affordable rents to low and moderate income households. For more information, go to
Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Piggyback Program PP
This program was developed to replace lost rental housing due to hurricanes Katrina and Rita by financing multi-family workforce rental housing. The program “piggybacks” CDBG funds onto Gulf Opportunity Zone LIHTCs and projects using tax-exempt private activity bonds and 4 percent LIHTCs. This new model for housing development was designed by following best practices models for workforce housing development, and it provides mixed-income housing, additional affordability and integration of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) projects. In order to qualify for funding, developers applied to the LHFA for low-income housing tax credits and to OCD/DRU for Piggyback gap financing. After the competitive award process, developers sell the tax credits to investors, thereby generating equity that is leveraged with the CDBG loan and private debt.
OCD-DRU – Hazard Mitigation Grant Program HMGP
The OCD-DRU HMGP funds provide additional resources for Road Home Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) applicants to mitigate their home from future disasters. This program is available for those who are choosing to re-occupy their storm damaged home. Specifically, additional resources are provided that can be used to elevate or reconstruct homes to meet the FEMA required elevation height for the area. Additionally, funding can be used for Individual Mitigation Measures (IMM) such as storm shutters, hurricane straps and elevation of air conditioning units to make homes stronger and safer in the event of future natural disasters.
Non-Profit Rebuilding Pilot program NRPP
The Non-Profit Rebuilding Pilot Program (NRPP) offers grants to qualified nonprofit housing organizations with experience in housing rehab, renovation and/or community development. These organizations can assist the homeowners to meet gaps in their rebuilding resources. Homes owned by low income families that were damaged by Hurricanes Katrina or Rita and have not received grants through any of the other programs are given grants through this program.