Terms & Definitions

Term User Interface Definition
Programs Home Tab Programs refer to the housing recovery initiatives taken by  Louisiana Office of Community Development – Disaster Recovery Unit (OCD-DRU)
Programs include
• Road Home - Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP)
• OCD-DRU – Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)
• Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Piggyback Program (PP)
• Small Rental Program (SRPP)
OCD-DRU – Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Home Tab Refers to the Hazard Mitigation funds disbursed by the OCD-DRU for Road Home applicants. Most of the HMGP applicants are also HAP applicants.
Applicants All Screens The Applicant is the individual homeowner, landlord or agent that is applying for disaster-related funds.
Units Home Tab Units represent the actual number of housing units created, rebuilt or repaired by the investment.
Total Investments Home Tab Total payments made to the applicants through one of the programs.  Any return of funds are subtracted from this amount. Investment amounts throughout the site are rounded to the nearest dollar value.
Jurisdiction Investments/Units/Reports tab Jurisdictions are the different types of geographical units or areas by which data can be aggregated. The following  jurisdictions are available
• State Senate (Year 2011)
• State House (Year 2011)
• US Congress (Year 2011)
• Parish
• Census Place
• Zip
• Census Tract
• NOLA Planning District
• NOLA Neighborhoods
• LA Assn. of Planning & Development District
• Block Group
• Census Blocks
Total Pre-Katrina Units Units tab Total number of units that were occupied prior to Hurricane Katrina. The data source is the 2000 US Census.
Est. Units with major or severe damage Units tab An estimate of total number of units with major or severe damage based on LRA analysis of FEMA’s damage assessments and subsequent damages identified through the State’s Road Home program.
Number keeping home (Option 1) RH Program Summary Report Road Home program offers the following three options to the applicants
1. Stay in their home.
2. Purchase another home in Louisiana.
3. Sell their home and choose not to remain a homeowner in the State.
Number keeping home (Option 1) refers to the number of applicants who have opted to stay in their home.
Funds disbursed – Compensation Grant RH Program Summary Report Compensation grant is the primary grant based on the value of the home or the estimated cost of damage.
Funds disbursed – Elevation Grant RH Program Summary Report Elevation grants of up to $30,000 are provided for applicants who need additional resources to elevate their homes.
Funds disbursed – Additional Compensation Grant RH Program Summary Report The Additional Compensation Grant (ACG) is additional funding, up to the estimated cost of damage, that is available to low and moderate income households.
Funds disbursed – Individual Mitigation Measures Grant RH Program Summary Report Individual Mitigation Measures grants are funds that are given out to homeowners to complete storm-resistant improvements like shutter installation, elevation of air conditioning units, hurricane straps and anchoring of heating fuel tanks.
Project Status Piggyback Program Summary Report Project status refers to the status of completion of building the rental complex.
CDBG Funds Obligated Piggyback Program Summary Report Amount of CDBG funds obligated to rental construction agencies.
CDBG Funds Expended Piggyback Program Summary Report Amount of CDBG funds paid out to rental construction agencies.
Affordable Units Piggyback Program Summary Report/Small Rental Program Summary Report Units are considered affordable if a household pays no more than 30 percent of its annual income for housing.
Properties – under Small rental program Small Rental Program Summary Report This refers to the number of properties with Small Rental investments.  A single property usually has two to four units.